Using Codekit 2.0 and Gumby 2.0 – The Modular Scale Gem Error

I will say this right off the bat- I am a complete noob when it comes to compiling Sass or anything requiring command line. If you love command line and use it every day, you may not want to read any further because this post will likely frustrate you. Now that we have separeted the […]


Equadistant Footer Links with jQuery

As a pixel-perfectionist, it has always bothered me when a site (usually powered by a CMS) sacrifices good visual practices for flexibility in code. One are this is particularly evident often times is in the footer links. The category headings are sized larger than the category links and are displayed horizontally across the page. BUT […]


Building Custom WordPress Themes: Essential WordPress Plugins

So,  you’ve decided you are going to build a wordpress theme from PSD’s to Templates?  I’ve been there my friend. Today I’m going to introduce you to 3 essential WordPress Plugins that you should be using in any project, but especially when building a custom wordpress theme that may require very specific functionality and content entry.… Read More


Faking Multiple Backgrounds in IE8

Creating multiple backgrounds with CSS is great technique that affords incredible flexability to web designers. However, most of us still find ourselves needing to support Internet Explorer 8 which of course does not technically support the css3 multiple background syntax.

Do not despair, though.… Read More


Problems Getting Indexed by Google? These Solutions Worked for Me

I recently had some horrible problems getting indexed by Google for a site the agency I work for redesigned, and I wanted to share my findings in hopes that it will help others.

Before I begin, you need to know that the site that had these issues was a legitmete site.… Read More